Because we are the best! We are Northeastern PA’s top wireless internet service provider. We don’t sell you internet from another network and leave you hanging. We run and manage our own private wireless network. If you need internet for your home or business then you need Xvergent High Speed Internet.

We Are Local

Xvergent is based in Northeastern Pennsylvania and our entire team consists of locals ready to assist you.

High Speeds

Stop paying for speeds you aren't getting. With Xvergent you get exactly what you pay for and sometimes a little more.

Multiple Solutions

Take it or leave it is not in our language. Pick the service based on your needs.

Fast, Fast Internet

In this digital age, you need lightning-fast and reliable internet. Xvergent is your partner in both residential and business internet solutions.

Network Support

Need support for your network? We have the expertise and experience you need. From installs to repairs, Xvergent does it all.

Customer Support

Our support team is made up of your neighbors! This means if you have an issue, we're right there to help you with your issue.

Get Connected!

Contact Xvergent today to see if your area is covered by our network. Our network is constantly expanding throughout Lackawanna, Luzerne and neighboring counties.